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Newcomer Chips (Hours, Days, Months)

A Daily Reminder of Our Spiritual Journey

For those of us navigating the early stages of sobriety, each day sober can present new challenges and opportunities for growth.

We understand that rather than an achievement, sobriety is a gift to be cherished – a precious gift, contingent on the daily maintenance of our spiritual condition.

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The Significance of Sobriety Chips in Our Journey

Symbols of Commitment: Newcomer Chips are symbols of commitment to the journey and the daily work it entails. They serve as reminders of the path we have chosen and the changes we are embracing.

Encouragement for Continual Growth: Each chip represents a milestone of experience and recovery. Between meetings, they may remind us of the importance of our recovery.

Fostering Unity and Support: Sharing these chips within our community reinforces unity. They are tangible reminders that we are part of a larger fellowship, working together to support each other’s spiritual growth and recovery.

Crafted with Care and Respect

At Chipmunk Chips and Medallions, each chip is crafted with respect for its deep significance. We ensure that every chip is worthy of the purpose it serves:

  • Durable and Meaningful: Made to last, each chip is a durable token of our ongoing commitment and the collective support of our community.
  • Thoughtfully Designed: Our chips carry messages that resonate with our shared experiences and the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps.

Embrace the Journey Together

Whether you’re obtaining chips for your group or purchasing one for a fellow member, these tokens are a meaningful way to acknowledge our shared commitment to recovery.

Browse Our Selection of Newcomer Chips – Choose chips that reflect our collective journey and the daily commitment each of us makes to our sobriety and spiritual development.