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Welcome to our Shop! Chipmunk offers a wide range of AA medallions, chips, and sobriety coins to support and celebrate your journey. Browse the categories below to discover some chips beyond your wildest dreams.

Our collection includes:

Fun AA Chips

These vibrant and unique designs add a touch of fun and excitement to sobriety milestones. Whether you’re looking for something whimsical or bold, our fun AA chips are perfect for celebrating sobriety periods and events with a smile. They are great for lighthearted meetings or as gifts to fellow members, offering a playful yet meaningful reminder of the journey in sobriety.

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Welcome Chips

Perfect for newcomers, these chips mark the beginning of an important journey. Welcome chips are a significant first step, given to individuals at their first AA meeting. They symbolize a commitment to recovery and are a cherished token for those starting their path to sobriety. These chips serve as a powerful reminder to take this things one day at a time.

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Newcomer Chips (Hours, Days, Months)

Celebrate early milestones with chips marking hours, days, and months of sobriety. Our newcomer chips are designed to acknowledge the critical early stages of recovery, expressing the significance and recognizing the reality of recovery. From the first 24 hours to 9 months, these chips help to reinforce the progress being made and the commitment to staying sober.

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Sobriety Chips (Years)

Acknowledge sobriety anniversaries with our yearly sobriety chips. Each chip represents a significant period of sobriety, from one year and beyond. These chips are a testament to honesty, open mindedness, willingness, and the Power which pulls chronic alcoholics back from the gates of insanity and death. They are often presented in meetings to celebrate anniversaries, marking the growth and recovery over the years.

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Custom Chips

Personalize your tokens with custom text to make your journey uniquely yours. Our custom chips allow you to add personal touches such as names, dates, group name, city, or special messages. These customized tokens can be used for personal milestones, group events, or as special keepsakes. They offer a unique way to commemorate specific moments and make each chip a one-of-a-kind symbol of achievement.

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Inspiration Chips

Motivational chips to keep you inspired and focused on your goals. Our inspiration chips feature uplifting quotes and affirmations that serve as daily reminders of the strength and hope found in the recovery process. These chips are a blend of fun and deadly seriousness designed to provide encouragement and positive reinforcement, helping to maintain focus and determination through challenging times.

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Guest Speaker Chips

Special tokens for guest speakers who share their experience, strength, and hope. These tokens recognize the valuable role of speakers in inspiring and guiding others on their recovery journey. They serve as a meaningful gesture of appreciation for their support and contributions. Also, your guest speaker gets a lifelong reminder of that special day or night.

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Chipmunk’s solution for creating custom sobriety chip designs at no additional cost. Submit your ideas and graphics, collaborate with a designer, and purchase as many chips as you like through our online shop. Your design will be available to all Chipmunk customers, making unique sobriety tokens accessible to everyone.

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Shop AA chips and medallions online with us and find the perfect items to enjoy along your recovery journey. Each chip and medallion is crafted with care and dedication to reflect the principles that define the pathway of recovery. Whether you’re celebrating your own milestones or supporting others, our wide selection ensures you’ll find exactly what you need to commemorate and inspire.

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