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You have great ideas for sobriety chip designs.

But the costs for designing and printing a custom chip are often exorbitant.

Do you want just want one, five, perhaps ten chips?

Many chip printers have order minimums.

And no way to let others order your design for themselves.

There is a Solution

Chipmunk offers a way for you to create custom sobriety chips affordably. This service also benefits others.

How It Works

  • Step 1: Fill out the form below with suggestions about your chip design and any graphics you want to include
  • Step 2: A designer from Chipmunk will contact you to collaborate on your design
  • Step 3: When your chip is ready, you can purchase as many as you would like through the online shop at


Custom chip designs are made at no additional cost. This service does not require a small fortune, contrary to what one might expect.

The Catch

Your custom chip design will be available for purchase by all Chipmunk customers.

Also, while most designs are approved there are some cases where Chipmunk may decline to create a chip.

Want to design a chip on your own but not sure where to start?

Chipmunk has put together a video and step-by-step guide to help.

Build-A-Chip Form