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By Chipmunk Press

So you want to make your own sobriety chip design? But not sure where to get started?

There are many tools available with a wide range of features and levels of complexity. Some are free, and some can be quite expensive.

Tools like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, MS Paint, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and GIMP (Graphics Input and Manipulation Program), to name a few.

But we’re going to keep it simple.

Canva is a simple online utility that you can use for free to make your own professional quality graphic designs – even if you have no previous experience.

We’re going to share everything you need to get your custom design off the ground – from concept to print-ready design.

Step 1: Use a Sobriety Coin Template

First things first, Chipmunk created a Sobriety Coin Canva Template to help you get started. Open it in Canva.

Step 2: Sign in to Canva

Already have a Canva account? Just sign in.

If you don’t already have an account, sign up with your, Google account, or Facebook account, or your email address.

Step 3: Design Your Sobriety Chip

There are many excellent design tutorials on YouTube published by Canva and other Canva users.

Step 4: Submit Your Custom Design to Chipmunk

Once you feel like your design is ready to go, download it or share a link with Chipmunk to get it printed on a chip!

Share the link to your Canva design by:

  1. Click the Share button
  2. Under Collaboration link select Anyone with the link
  3. Click the Copy Link button

Then, visit the Chipmunk Build-A-Chip design page.

Fill out the form with your name, email address, telephone number, and paste the Canva link into the Design Notes area.

Click the Let’s Design button, and that’s a wrap!

Please note: Chipmunk does not endorse Canva or the curated YouTube videos – we simply wish to be helpful by sharing these resources with you.