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Welcome Chips

Chipmunk understands the importance of unity and shared experience in the recovery journey.

Our AA Welcome Chips are designed to serve as tangible reminders of the collective commitment to sobriety and the support we draw from both the fellowship and a Higher Power.

These chips are a physical representation of our shared journey and the spiritual support system that we rely on.

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Explore Our Collection of AA Welcome Chips

Our AA Welcome Chips are crafted to support us as we take our initial steps in recovery. Each chip symbolizes our ongoing commitment to sobriety and serves as a physical reminder of our connection to the recovery community and our reliance on a higher power.

Features of Our AA Welcome Chips

  • Symbolic Designs: Our chips feature designs that symbolize honesty, willingness, and our group intention.
  • Durable Materials: Constructed from high-quality materials, each chip is meant to endure as a lasting reminder.
  • Inspirational Messages: Words of encouragement and faith are imprinted on each chip to reinforce the fundamentals of recovery.

Ideal for Reinforcing Our Commitment

We design our AA Welcome Chips to help us feel anchored and supported from our very first meeting.

These chips are not just tokens; they are signs of encouragement and reminders of the foundations of our recovery process.

Why Choose Chipmunk Welcome Chips?

  1. Recovery Focus: Our Welcome Chips emphasize the pillars of recovery, unity, and service in our recovery process.
  2. Variety of Options: We offer a diverse range of Welcome Chips to suit different needs and spiritual inclinations.
  3. Guaranteed Quality: We are committed to providing products that are both meaningful and durable, reflecting our dedication to supporting our recovery community.

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Browse the selection and find the perfect chip that resonates with your group.

At Chipmunk Chips and Medallions, every chip is a beacon of hope and a tangible symbol of our commitment.