Custom Snowy Winter Christmas Think Think Think Sobriety Coin


This AA sobriety coin is not just a token; it’s a deeply personal keepsake that honors the gift of sobriety and inspires continuous dedication.

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Celebrate your journey to sobriety with this custom-printed AA sobriety coin from Chipmunk Chips and Medallions, beautifully crafted to commemorate your significant milestone.

The coin features a striking black and gold color scheme with a festive snowflake pattern that adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.

It’s a tangible reminder of progress, and the commitment to continued recovery.

Front of the chip includes:

  • A circle and triangle representing the AA principles of unity, service, and recovery
  • Customizable text fields for “YOUR GROUP,” “YEARS,” “YOUR DATE,” and “YOUR NAME”
  • A festive snowflake pattern that surrounds the central triangle, celebrating the uniqueness of each individual’s path to recovery

Back of the chip includes:

  • The impactful phrase “Think… Think… Think…” in bold, red and black lettering, providing a simple yet powerful daily reminder to maintain a thoughtful approach

Additional information

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Finish Material

Plain, Acrylic Finish, Acrylic Glitter Finish


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