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Chipmunk AA Chips & Medallions for All Occasion

Made with love, sent by mail, and guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

The Sobriety Coin Chipmunk

Are you tired of...

  • Chips that fail to carry the message
  • Suppliers who don’t understand the essence and purpose of sobriety chips
  • Mass-produced chips that miss the heart of the program
  • Coins that feel generic and impersonal
  • Tokens that lack the substance to become cherished daily reminders
  • Selections that fall short of covering the full span of the sobriety journey

Personalized Chip Designs

Express your group's one-of-a-kind spirit with fully customizable welcome chips, sobriety coins, and more.

Premium Artisanal Quality

Hold a Chipmunk medallion in your hand and feel the carefully crafted depth and weight.

Carefully Curated Messages

Choose from our collection of uplifting quotes, principles and practices that speak to the heart of the program.

Welcome Chips

25,000+ Tokens Since 2008

Newcomer Chips (24 hrs and up)


Explore our sobriety chips, welcome coins, inspiration medallions and more to find your perfect match.


Use our easy customization options to add your group name, milestone dates, colors, and more.


Place your order and get ready to celebrate milestones with chips that invigorate the spirit.