Custom Swimming Water Reflecting Sobriety Chip


Celebrate milestones in recovery with this serene and personalized AA sobriety chip.

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This AA sobriety coin features a tranquil design, symbolizing the peace and clarity that comes with dedicated sobriety and surrender to a Power greater than oneself.

It’s a token of the gift of sobriety, willingness, and ongoing commitment to recovery, customizable to mark the specific milestones of each individual’s journey.

Front of the chip includes:

  • A tranquil image depicting a person in reflective solitude, symbolizing personal reflection and peace.
  • The phrase “TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE,” promoting honesty and integrity in one’s recovery journey.
  • A circle and triangle representing the AA principles of unity, service, and recovery, signifying the foundational structure of the program.
  • Designated spaces for customized text for your name and your group.

Back of the chip includes:

  • A bold declaration “ONE DAY AT A TIME,” emphasizing the step-by-step approach to recovery.
  • A radiant sunburst design, symbolizing hope and a new dawn in one’s life.
  • Your personal sobriety date and number of years.

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