Custom Thanksgiving Fall Gratitude Pilgrim Cornucopia Bounty Sobriety Chip


Celebrate milestones in recovery with a personalized touch using this autumn Thanksgiving themed AA sobriety chip.

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This sobriety chip features a vibrant, fall-inspired design symbolizing growth and renewal. It’s a meaningful token to commemorate the journey of recovery.

Front of the chip includes:

  • Customizable text fields for Group Name, Number of Years, Sobriety Date, and Name.
  • A triangle and circle representing the AA principles of unity, service, and recovery
  • A colorful backdrop of autumn leaves, pumpkins, and a pilgrim hat evoking the spirit of Thanksgiving

Back of the chip includes:

  • The phrase “First Things First” in a prominent, stylized font
  • A solid, serene background that complements the front’s lively theme

Each chip serves as a heartfelt reminder of the accomplishments and ongoing commitment of individuals on their path to sustained sobriety.

Additional information

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Finish Material

Plain, Acrylic Finish, Acrylic Glitter Finish


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