We Remember Chip


Inspiration Coins are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face.

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Brighten your journey with AA Inspiration Coins.

Front of coin:

  • We forget things we try to remember
  • Hand with string tied to index finger

Back of coin:

  • We remember things we’d rather forget
  • Person remembering things they’d rather forget

These delightful tokens bring a dose of laughter, wisdom, and a smile to your path.

The front of the coin reflects the common human experience of struggling to remember important things. The string tied to the finger is a traditional mnemonic device used to jog one’s memory. This phrase might symbolize the difficulty in remembering to take the next right action – despite making an effort to keep that in mind.

The back side of the coin highlights the painful and often intrusive memories that you may face. These might include regrets, past mistakes, resentment, or traumatic experiences that are hard if not impossible to shake off.

Perhaps the mind is too good at remembering and forgetting the wrong things. Perhaps relief from this dilemma is found in deep surrender to the love and will of a Higher Power.

These coins make excellent gifts, blending wit with wisdom. Let them be your pocket-sized reminders that this pathway is too serious to be attempted without a little lightness and humor.

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